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original FPE QMQB panelboard switch shown with new AMC-QMQB replacement switch
FPE QMQB Panelboard Switch
Shown with Replacement

Siemens combination starter with door open
Siemens Combination Starter

heat trace panel interior view
Heat Trace Control Panel

New ! Group CBS, Inc. has taken two of their strongest companies and combined the strengths of each to provide advanced solutions for the low voltage electrical supply and power distribution market. Astro Controls and Advanced Motor Controls have combined as of January 1, 2016 to create Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls, Inc.

Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls will provide a wide array of manufactured products focusing on customer needs and quality. The expertise of Advanced Motor Controls and Astro Controls will provide you with these solutions and more; specializing in Low Voltage Electrical Equipment.

Advanced Electrical And Motor Controls, Inc.
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Advanced Motor Controls stocks new and professionally remanufactured MCC buckets, motor control centers and component parts. Our stock includes equipment dating from World War II to current vintage products.

AMC-QMQB Panelboard Switch Replacement for FPE QMQB Switch
Advanced Motor Controls has introduced a UL-98 Listed direct replacement for the FPE QMQB panelboard switch. Designated the AMC-QMQB™ Series of Panelboard Switches, these are not remanufactured switches; but rather they are new switches that directly install into your existing switchboard without requiring any modifications to it. Use the following link for more information on the AMC-QMQB panelboard switch.

We specialize in motor control center life extension programs that enable you to extend the life of your existing motor control centers with remanufactured MCC buckets which incorporate new components.

We can integrate variable frequency drives, reduced voltage starters, and soft start starters into the replacement MCC bucket assemblies to lower your energy consumption. This program will pay for itself over the course of a few short years.

UL508A control panel certified shop Additionally, we are a certified UL508A industrial control panel builder, designing and manufacturing custom control panels to your specifications. We provide industrial and electrical control panels such as heat trace panel boards, oil well controllers, motor control panels and automation control panels.

Advanced Motor Controls can be you one-stop shop for all your 600V class MCC buckets, motor control centers and replacement parts.

Contact us today for:
  • A Complete Motor Control Center
  • Matching to Your Existing Line-up MCC Sections
  • Individual MCC Bucket Assemblies
  • Upgrades of Existing MCC and MCC Buckets
  • Motor Starters and Contactors
  • Contact Kits
  • Replacement Stab Assemblies
  • Emergency Repair of MCC
  • Industrial Control Panels such as heat trace panels

Use the following link to view online or download our descriptive bulletins and free technical information.


MCC buckets
MCC Buckets motor control center
Motor Control Centers GE 7700 MCC bucket
GE 7700 MCC Bucket

In addition to being UL-508A certified, Advanced Motor Controls is also ISO 9001:2008 certified and a member of the PICS Consortium.

certified UL-508A industrial control panel builder   ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to providing quality products and services   member of the PICS Consortium, contractor prequalification company

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